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18th April 2014


Some new shots from map 2!

This is the map where a lot of the mechanics get introduced that will remain persistent throughout the campaign so it’s taken a few days worth of delays, but I expect to have a playable version of this map by early next week!

14th April 2014


Still working on getting some video of map 2!  In the meantime check out this video of a more recent build of map 1, running several excellent 3rd party Aliens mods from l4dmaps.com, for kicks.

If you’ve been looking for a map to use those skins, this might just be it!

13th April 2014


Map 1 testing is nearly complete - Map 2 testing is on the horizon!  Here’s a work in progress early progress shot of the Lab Nexus!

Map 1 testing is nearly complete - Map 2 testing is on the horizon!  Here’s a work in progress early progress shot of the Lab Nexus!

25th March 2014


Here’s a very early alpha of Void Map 1!  It just got a proper navmesh so there’s some issues, in particular with zombies spawning way too early and opening the boarding tube door from the other side / making noise in the start up ship - that should be corrected in the next build. 

There’s a few other bugs with the nav mesh and flow you might notice that have since been corrected, in particular with a ladder that nearly takes out the whole team single handed, and how the bots are refusing to pick up the medkits or T2 weapons on the ship.

I’ll be posting a video of the corrected version in multiplayer soon!

22nd March 2014


Finishing the final map 1 event, hope to begin tests this weekend!

Finishing the final map 1 event, hope to begin tests this weekend!

15th March 2014


Some screenshots of where the final set piece of the first map takes place!  I’m hoping to be getting this in testing in just a couple days in a full versus game.  I’ll post the results as soon as they’re available!

4th March 2014

Photoset with 1 note

With luck I’ll have video of a Versus map test soon, shooting for this week!  Here’s some more screenshots from later in the first map of the latest edition of Void.

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14th February 2014


Updates Coming Soon

Due to the holiday I will likely not have time to post my next full update until week, or shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, I thought I’d bring up a mechanic unique to Void that will play a big part on some maps:  Station Security.

With the ship’s AI on the side of the infected, security checkpoints can be lethal.  If spotted by a camera, not only will an alarm go off and a horde be called, but you’ll have to contend with the fact that every security defense will activate at the same time.

What are security defenses?  Turrets that are literally behind panels throughout the station, with a number of effects from force fields to gatling guns.  There are even some panels that will deploy Drones, a new small flying enemy that carries a light rifle or another type of yet unrevealed foe.

One thing I am doing differently with security from past incarnations is I am allowing the player to shoot the cameras, so that stealth is possible with bots.  To compensate for how easy this would make things, the security cameras now spawn in a series of random locations, so you never know where you might get caught.

Finally, in the tradition of Deus Ex and System Shock, players that can sneak past the cameras at some checkpoints will be able to reprogram them and return them to human control, swapping all nearby threats to the side of the player.

Anyway, I am really striving to make Void both a new experience for Left 4 Dead that offers more than just a different texture set to the same gameplay, yet remain familiar enough to be played in Versus and this is one example of how I am porting familiar concepts like the Car Alarm into the Sci-Fi environment, and amping them up to increase the challenge for series veterans.

EDIT:  Security can also be triggered from failed hacking events, which I will go into more in a later update!

13th February 2014


Some In Progress shots & Your Ship

Hey everyone, I ran a few days behind on getting new media up.  Hopefully I’ll be getting a video of map 1 within the week.  In the meantime, I’m including some screenshots of the smuggler ship run by the survivors, as well as a few shots from Secondary Water Recycling, a flooded maze of pipes & machinery that hides both hidden dangers in the form of Wall Hazards and hidden attack points in the murky depths.


A little about your ship.  Acting as the initial safe room when you begin the campaign, you will eventually use a boarding ramp (and some explosives) to gain access to the corporate ship you’ve been sent to self-destruct.  Being a smuggler ship you begin with a large surplus of tier 2 & 3 weapons, hidden away in the panels and objects within the ship.

Use them wisely as in Void, weapons are one-time pickup across the board and ammo piles are scarce.  Every Tier 2 bullet can be worth it’s weight in gold throughout the campaign.

13th February 2014


Secondary Water Recycling, aft deck.